Global Politics and Society (GPS) is a two-year master’s programme, entirely taught in English, which addresses how and in what directions globalization is affecting the functioning of contemporary societies and polities. This programme furnishes an advanced multidisciplinary training – in the fields of political science and sociology, complemented with key competences in the area of law and economics – aimed at preparing highly qualified professionals, able to understand and interpret complex social and political dynamics arising in the wake of globalization, within a scenario of increased international interdependences.

Core modules will bridge cutting-edge concepts and skills necessary to address key contemporary questions, extending from global geopolitics dynamics to the transformation of societies, from developments in international political economy to changing patterns of social inequalities. Students will then have the opportunity to strengthen their preparation in specific thematic areas, choosing from a wide range of options made available thanks to the several lines of research that characterize the Department of Social and Political Sciences, which stands out as one of the best performing department for social and political sciences research in Italy. 

GPS graduates will be prepared to undertake a wide array of career paths: in the field of applied research in social and political sciences; in national and international political institutions and non-governmental organizations; in public, private and third sector organizations, which tackle the dynamics of the global market; in companies and organizations within the information sector, the cultural industry and the publishing market. They will also be well prepared to engage in further academic research and apply to top-level PhD programmes in social and political sciences.

Admission is based on academic excellence. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent; a strong interest and/or previous studies in political science, sociology or related subjects; a sound knowledge of spoken and written English. The evaluation process will take into consideration the applicants’ prior academic record, their motivation and performance through an interview.

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